How to Choose Right Bathtub Faucet

Bathtub Faucet Vaughan

When it comes to picking a bathtub faucet, there are almost no limits to what is available. You have every finish, style and price to consider. Replacing your current faucet with a similar one is a fairly straightforward process but, if you are after a complete remodel, then you should keep a few factors in mind before you start shopping.

To help you determine the best bathtub faucet for your new bathroom, consider these factors:

Tub and shower combos are typically installed on the wall, although there are some tub-mounted options as well. Sets usually consist of a showerhead with one or two handles and a tub spout. This is the most popular configuration in homes.

Wall-mounted bathtub faucets are a reliable option as well and give off an air of refinement. Placed above the bathtub, on the wall above the tub, a wall-mount tub faucet evokes a sense of luxury without necessarily having to pay more. Prices are comparable across all of these options.

Free-standing tub faucets are not drilled into the tub but, rather, come through the floor and hang over the rim of the bathtub. These faucets are also available in single and two handle arrangements with a tub spout. Some of them also feature a handheld showerhead for easy rinsing.

Deck-mounted tub faucets are created for drop-in tubs with the faucet is either attached directly into the tub or on the deck surface around the tub. If you enjoy taking relaxing baths, you will enjoy these fixtures as the spout does not extend far over the rim of the tub. This configuration provides more room for you to stretch out and soak. And, since most decks mounted with faucets also include a handheld shower, you will have the added benefit of quickly rinsing off at the end of your bath.

Style and Finish
Even if your bathtub faucet stays hidden behind a shower curtain most of the time, matching its style and finish to the sink faucet is still ideal. Here are some common features of the most popular styles:

  • Contemporary – Curves with reflective surfaces and a sense of sleek
  • Rustic – Comfortable, clean and warm with a definite feeling of a simpler, quieter time
  • Modern – Sharp angles, gleaming surfaces and geometric angles in use
  • Transitional – Straightforward without a lot of detailing; transitional is traditional meets modern
  • Traditional – Familiar lines and shapes with a taste of the past


If a new bathtub faucet is more of a replacement upgrade, buyers need to know the brand of their current faucet and buy a new one of the same brand to avoid having to replace the valve concealed behind their wall. Valves tend to be brand-specific, so having this knowledge before shopping can help avoid an unnecessary headache later on.

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