Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

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When choosing the right bathroom hardware and fixtures like towel racks, faucet handles, knobs and sconces, there are a few considerations you need to ponder. How important these considerations are entirely subjective and flexible depending on the scope of your project and the size of your budget. Keep scrolling to find out all you need to know about resilience, design and cost when choosing bathroom accessories.

Resilience is one of the most important features of a piece of bathroom hardware since its function is the top priority in bathroom design. Your hardware should be made to be used over and over again. It is because of that reason that organic materials like wood are rarely used for bathroom hardware.

Metals like nickel, brass and bronze are common because they can stand up to moisture quite well. Iron is less commonly used as it tends to oxidize and rust over time, causing many homeowners having to replace it with stainless steel or cover it with a water-resistant coating. You could alternatively use glass, though some report that it can get too slippery to use when wet.

Determining the design that is right for you is an entirely personal choice. Generally, it pays to keep your bathroom design scheme consistent. A modern, high-tech shower could look out of place along with lush, turn-of-the-century decor. Still, hardware and fixtures are great places to insert some quirkiness or your personal touch since they often appear as small, inconspicuous details.

If you like your current fixtures and want to update them to match your bathroom remodel, you can also feel free to paint existing hardware. Just be sure to pick a fast drying, waterproof paint that is specially formulated for glass or metal.

Since bathroom faucets are the crown jewels of a bathroom, you will want to consider the design of this bathroom accessory thoughtfully. Coming in different shapes, shades and finishes, the possibilities for bathroom faucets are limitless. You should incorporate the design of your entire bathroom when picking out a faucet. Also, think of the size of your bathroom and the kinds of faucets typically found in similarly sized and styled homes.

You will also want to consider the finishes of your bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub faucet. Some faucet finishes include pewter, chrome, brushed chrome, stainless steel, polished brass, gold plating or powder-coated enamel.

Of course, if you could, you would design the bathroom of your dreams and spare no expense. While this isn’t always feasible, there are still plenty of options that are both stylish and affordable. More so than resilience and design, the cost tends to drive people’s decisions when it comes to choosing bathroom hardware. While you don’t want to go broke from your bathroom remodel, you should still try to balance cost with quality. There are recycled or antique brass pieces that can often be easy to find and quite affordable, while sleek stainless steel offers excellent performance at an attractive price.

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