7 Solutions for Common Kitchen Faucet Problems

Whenever you have issues with the faucet in your kitchen, you pretty much have to fix it right away. Maybe it has to do with piping, or water leakage, or something you’re not familiar with at all. Regardless, there is no need to panic because Euro Bath and Kitchen has you covered!

Tangled Hoses

Pull-out faucets are the worst for this. The hose will become tangled up, oftentimes due to temperature issues. We’ve all been there where we’ve had to untangle headphones, elastics, or other things. But when it comes to the hose, it’s a task that can be on either end of not-so-bad and absolutely terrible.

Improper Water Heating

The option to replace your kitchen faucet also leaves you with another dilemma: probably a good idea to change your heater at the same time. While your faucet is the transporter of your water, it wouldn’t be crazy for you to think there might be something wrong with the device controlling the temperature of your water.

Poor Installation

When you’re paying to get your kitchen sink installed, it isn’t cheap. Now if you’re not paying and doing it yourself, take your time and don’t rush the process. What good is an improperly installed faucet when cleaning? Let’s forget about the issues you’re having just today and think about the challenges you may have down the road. 

Wear and Tear

A great faucet will be able to withstand the toughest drains. With that being said, the toughest problems will cause the most wear and tear. A faucet that isn’t so great? Without question, it’ll get worn down a lot faster than you’d wish. 


Over time, humans get old and our bodies begin to break down. Faucets work the same way. Systems within the faucet begin to corrode. Rust begins to form and particles of this rust will break down within the water your faucet spouts. You’ll be drinking water that’s got some nasty rust particles in it, which is bad for your health and probably tastes worse than clean water. If your faucet gets old, call a plumber ASAP.

Low Water Pressure

When you see the stream of water spouting out, you should be seeing a strong, healthy stream. If it’s a thin line, then you have a low water pressure problem. The main cause of this is usually a result of mineral deposits that have built up over time on the main water pipe. You can clean this up by using vinegar to clean the aerator, faucet and limescale build-up.

Water Leakage

This is probably the most common issue among faucets worldwide. You’re in luck if it’s just a matter of a loose part. Make sure you’re tightening the screws and bolts if necessary. In other instances, it may be a result of worn-out O-rings or seals. 

It doesn’t matter if your faucet is leaking in the bathroom, kitchen, shower, or wherever you may have a faucet in your home. If the problem you’re dealing with needs a little more specific attention, feel free to stop by Euro Bath and Kitchen, or call us at (905) 532-0801.