Bathtub faucet

Victoria and Albert Cabrits Free Standing Tub

With the Cabrits freestanding tub we wanted to make something special: providing supreme comfort, for people of different ages and body sizes whilst also delivering exquisite ‘art gallery’ styling. In short, to revolutionise the freestanding tub.

The tub’s unique shape easily makes it the glamorous center piece of a bathroom, while its contours hug the bather, offering superior bathing comfort.

Traditionally, support is achieved through the bather’s feet touching the short end of the bathtub to control their body depth in water. With the Cabrits, the introduction of a raised bathing well feature in the center of the bathtub transforms this support, making a connection at the hips between the lounging bather and tub, independent of feet position.  This results in a user’s legs being free to extend over the raised midpoint and fully relax out, whether they are 5’5” or 6’5” in height.

The organic beauty of the Cabrits serves as an inspiration to extend the bathing experience into the bedroom or other open spaces within the home and its low profile is ideal for families with children.


22 1/4"


29 1/2"


14 7/8"


68 5/8"

Weight Empty

146 lbs


46 1/2 gallons