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Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet – K-3901-NPR

The NUMI toilet combines unmatched design and technology to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing.  Kohler’s most advanced toilet now offers personalized settings that let you fine-tune every option to your exact preferences, from ambient colored lighting to wireless Bluetooth music sync capability to the heated seat and foot warmer.  Play your favourite music and podcasts- simply stream wirelessly with any device enabled with Bluetooth technology, store MP3 files to the SD Card or plug in your device using the auxiliary cable.  Other upgrades include Power-save mode for energy efficiency, emergency flush for power outages and an intuitive touch-screen remote.  From its striking form to its exceptional water efficiency, the NUMI toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.

  • Compact, streamlined one-piece toilet with integrated cleansing. •
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.
  •  Comfort Height® feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.
  • Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover.
  • Dual flush offers a choice of 0.6 or 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf).
  • Advanced cleansing functionality with self-cleaning wand, precision air dryer, and deodorizing filter all in one.
  • Adjustable heated seat and foot warmer.
  •  Ambient lighting with eight colors and three programming options.
  •  Built-in speakers play preprogrammed custom Numi song, FM radio, or your personalized music from a portable device with BLUETOOTH technology or auxiliary cable, or simply load a playlist or welcome message to the SD card.
  •  Power-Save mode monitors usage and adjusts heated seat settings to save energy. Codes/Standards
  •  2-7/8-inch plastic trapway. ASME A112.19.14
  • Emergency flush supports up to 100 flushes during power outage. ASME A112.4.2/CSA B45.16 ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1







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  • 25-3/4″ L x 17-7/8″ H x 14-1/2″ W
  • 12″ Rough in
  • 0.6 GPF/1.28 GPF
  • Available in white or black


One dedicated circuit required, protected with Class A Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) or Residual Current Device (RCD).

  • 120V
  • 15A
  • 60HZ


  • Touch-screen remote control with magnetic wall-mount docking/charging station
  • User presets for up to 6 people to recall individual save preferences
  • Remote is adjustable to 12 different languages
  • Remote includes lithium polymer rechargeable battery
  • Preferred remote for residential settings
  • Dual-Flush technology allows you to chose between a full or partial flush