Tips for a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can make you feel limited when it comes to décor and space but the following tips will help solve these problems:

Paint Your Bathroom White

This is a very easy thing to do and your bathroom will instantly feel more spacious as a result. The more white that you incorporate into your bathroom, the bigger it will look and you can add contrast by installing black faucets or placing black towels on your rack to give your bathroom a unique appearance. This will create the illusion of a bigger space while helping your bathroom appear stylish.

Choose A Mirror Cabinet

This is a very elegant solution that will help you gain space. Every bathroom needs a mirror above the sink and choosing one that doubles as a cabinet is ideal as it will allow you to store your everyday items in a neat way and you will be able to access them easily. You will have a lot more space because your bathroom necessities will be stored out of sight as opposed to crowding your vanity’s countertop.

Consider A Corner Shower

This is a great feature for every small bathroom because it will help you save space while providing you with a spacious shower. You will be able to relax without feeling claustrophobic, so try to use one of the corners of your bathroom as your shower area.

Buy A Vanity That Is Suitable For Your Space

Just because you love a piece of furniture, it does not mean it is suitable for your home and this applies to vanities as well. You need to consider the size of your bathroom and buy a vanity accordingly so that it is relative to your space. Buying one that is too large will make your space feel even smaller and your bathroom will not be functional or practical in any way. If you can’t fit a double sink, do not force it and choose something more suitable so that you can enjoy your space.

Consider Floating Pieces Of Furniture

This trend is very popular right now because they open up space. You will have an easier time cleaning your bathroom and accessing the different areas and your layout will transform into an open concept as opposed to appearing too full, so this is a very unique idea that you can consider.

Add Wall Shelves

If you have no room for cupboards but want to display a few things and restore order, you can install wall shelves to give your belongings their own area. An elegant and compact wall shelf can make a world of difference and can be both handy and stylish, so use your walls for extra storage space.

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