Tips For Choosing a Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

Compared to other aspects of your kitchen, your faucet is probably the one tool that you interact with the most. It also functions as the centrepiece of the kitchen and reflects your own individual style. The type of faucet that you choose is capable of completely transforming your space. You need to make sure to select one based on how well it performs and if it’s the best fit for your home. But with so many options and styles to choose from, where do you even start? Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while browsing for the perfect kitchen faucet that comes with a sprayer.

1.  Size

First, before anything else, find your measuring tape. You will need to be making some important measurements to get a clear, mental image of what you want the finished product to look like. Make sure to measure how wide and deep the basin is, and the countertop that is behind the sink. The diameter of the pre-drilled holes and the distance between their centers should be taken into account as well. Next, the width of the sink and depth between the wall and sink edge are to be considered. While doing so, you need to make sure that there is enough room between the wall and faucet. The faucet will also need to have a high spout in order to efficiently do chores, like washing dishes, for example.

2.  Installation Types

There are two different types of faucet installations: Counter/deck-mount installation and wall mounted installation.

A counter- or deck-mounted installation enables the kitchen faucet to be mounted on either the counter or sink edge. This specific installation is more commonly found in kitchens and it draws more attention to the sink, while making it more appealing. Wall mounted kitchen faucets, on the other hand, can be found in more commercial or industrial locations, and present a more modern touch.

3.  Faucet Valves

Valves are in charge of regulating the flow and temperature of water before it comes out of the faucets. They make the water pour from the spout and aerator, and can be controlled by the single turn of a handle. However, there are different valve types that work differently. Not only does this change the overall design, but it also requires a different kind of maintenance. The valve itself usually describes the basic operation through naming the parts that prevent the water from leaking. There are many types, but there are four that are more common to come across, which are worth keeping in mind. They include the following: ball valve, disk valve, cartridge valve and compression valve.

4.  Faucet Holes

If your sink is either a drop-in, undermount, or farmhouse design, there is a chance that it has holes drilled or pre-punched into the deck. The number of holes that you decide on depends on both the type and style that you choose. You can decide between these options:

  • Single-hole faucet with a pull-down sprayer
  • Single-hole faucet with a side-spray, two-handle faucet (3-hole layout)
  • Bridge faucet with side spray (4-hole layout)


5.  Water Filtering

There are some kitchen faucets that are available with water filtration options. They can purify your tap water by filtering out common chemicals like chlorine, lead, mercury, and even pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and making it more drinkable. If you would like to make your health a priority, water filtration would definitely be a suitable option for you.

6.  Style

Lastly, an important detail for selecting a kitchen faucet is choosing the perfect finish. The finish does not only determine the color, but also the durability of the faucet in the long-run. There are finishes that can be found in metals and colors, and coordinated to match the accenting colors of your kitchen. There are newer finishes that are also capable of resisting the oils or smudges, making it easier to keep it clean. There are many durable and appealing finishes that you can consider for your faucet, such as chrome, brushed nickel finish, copper finish and stainless steel.

Towards the end of the day, whatever faucet you end up choosing should cater to your needs and style. If you’re looking to find excellent quality faucets with a sprayer near you in Vaughan Mills, come see us at Euro Bath and Kitchen! We provide excellent products in various different finishes for you to choose from. Don’t wait and contact us today!